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Robot Doctors To Treat Patients In Future

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Robotic Doctor treating a patient

The Kiwi researchers are somehow pretty excited in their research to build robots to replace doctors in hospitals. How reliable a robotic doctor is? It is definitely a big question or whether you can put trust in the robot’s hands if you’re the patient?

Well, the Kiwi researchers mostly have the intention to help offload the workload of a doctor. The robots will be carrying a hots of activities which are done by a doctor, such as measuring the blood pressure, heart beat, assisting and accompanying the patients.

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The New Zealand researchers are now working hand in hand with their Korean counterparts and have opened a new robotic research lab in Auckland in order to achieve their mission. The robotic doctors will be equipped with the speech recognition capabilities and they’re able to speak English by using the Korean-developed technology, which allows them to interact with the patients.

The entire research project has been injected with $1.8 million by the Kiwi-based Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, and the Korean has also agreed to offer $3.7 million for it. And it’s expected to take at least three years in order for the first robotic doctor to surface in hospitals.

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I believe this will be the way of the future.