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Prostate Cancer Treatment and Symptoms

Group Talks Help Men Decide On Prostate Screening

Many men are not aware of the pros and cons of taking a prostate cancer test and do not make informed decisions. Now, new research suggests that health officials can help men choose more wisely by making presentations to them in groups in their communities.

Researchers found that they could boost levels of "informed decision-making" and encourage consultation with doctors by speaking at places like churches, YMCAs and barbershops.

How Advanced Prostate Cancer Becomes Therapy Resistant

For the past 70 years the treatment of choice for advanced, metastatic prostate cancer has been androgen-deprivation therapy. That is, the suppression of circulating testosterone -- the hormone that fuels prostate-cancer growth -- via surgical castration (orchiectomy) or medical castration with testosterone-blocking drugs. While such therapy buys time for patients, it is not a cure, as inevitably the cancer becomes resistant to the androgen deprivation and continues to grow.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Without Side Effects

Mike Strong, a health minister for Hallelujah Acres, was only 52 when an annual physical revealed his Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) was 31 (normal is 4 or under). Although he had no symptoms, a biopsy confirmed that he had cancer.

His doctor urged him to have a radical prostectomy to remove his prostate and surrounding tissue. He refused, but did agree to take the testosterone blocker Lupron for one year.

The Lupron made him feel extremely tired and he lost all sexual desire. The drug temporarily lowered his PSA, but it jumped to 46 when he stopped it.

Invasive Methods Unnecessary For Prostate Cancer Treatment Planning

Modern 3-D computed tomography is an effective method for locating the prostatic apex for radiation therapy treatment planning in prostate cancer patients because it eliminates the need for an invasive procedure and the related side effects.