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Scientists Identify How Antibody Blocks Prostate Cancer Growth, May Lead To Targeted Treatment

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

Researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center have uncovered the mechanism by which an antibody blocks the growth of prostate cancer in animal models, a discovery that could pave the way for development of a new molecularly targeted prostate cancer treatment.

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The antibody, called 1G8 and discovered by UCLA scientists, signals the prostate cancer cells to stop growing and die, said Dr. Robert E. Reiter, a Jonsson Cancer Center researcher and professor of urology. The antibody proved effective in several different animal models of prostate cancer, Reiter said, indicating that is could be a potent cancer fighter.

The research appears in the Oct. 15 issue of Cancer Research, a peer-reviewed journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research.

The 1G8 antibody binds to prostate stem cell antigen or PSCA, a cell surface protein discovered by Reiter that is found in about 95 percent of early stage prostate cancers and about 87 percent of prostate cancers that have spread to the bones. PSCA also is found in bladder and pancreatic cancers, Reiter and his team previously discovered, so a new targeted