Group To Evaluate Prostate Cancer DNA Vaccine

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Prostate Cancer DNA Vaccine

Cancer Center Karolinska have jointly developed a DNA Vaccine to stimulate a patient's immune system to fight and kill prostate cancer cells remaining in the body after removal or irradiation of the prostate gland.


The safety of this DNA Vaccine will be evaluated in a clinical trial at the University Hospital Uppsala in Sweden using the Cyto Pulse Derma Vax(TM) DNA Vaccine delivery system.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in more than 500,000 males every year in the United States and Europe. A common treatment is removal or irradiation of the prostate. Even with this radical procedure, approximately 25% of patients face recurrence of the disease.

"We are very pleased to have an agreement to conduct this very important evaluation," said Richard Walters, CEO of Cyto Pulse Sciences. "We have signed contracts to produce and test the DNA Vaccine and will submit the formal application to the Swedish Medical Products Agency shortly."

Cyto Pulse Sciences, Inc. is a biomedical device and treatment development company offering new, innovative technology and clinical therapeutic applications including the development and delivery of DNA vaccines. The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of developing clinical systems employing electric fields to create gene therapy and immunotherapeutic treatments unattainable by chemical or viral vectors. Its devices enable cellular material transfers and fusion with a degree of safety, repeatability and efficiency suitable for clinical use in gene therapy, immunotherapy, and hybridoma production.