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Skin Health Help at Target's Black Friday 2010


Target’s Black Friday 2010 special for Christmas in July savings has offerings on women’s health products. These products include the wildly popular Soap and Glory brand products and others.

Target’s Black Friday sale is being done because, as the site states, “Why wait for December to save?” One product available at special price includes Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush body scrub, a 15.2 ounce jar for $15.88, an almost $3 savings.

Target’s Black Friday sale also is offering Soap and Glory savings on its SlimWear body cream, a 6.4 oz tube for $7.48, an almost $5 savings. Soap and Glory also has a Fab Pore facial peel for $12.00, another fabulous special.

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Skin care is an important aspect for women’s health. Not only does it feel good to look good but poor skin health can lead to other complications, such as a staph infection. If you get an ingrown hair and develop an abscess, that could lead to a staph infection which can lead to death if left untreated. Also, skin health is important if exposed to the sun leading to illnesses such as skin cancer.

Also important to women's health is finding a way to relax. Many women cannot afford the time away from home and so Target is offering special deals on in-home products for relaxation as well. Consider this: A HoMedics Sound SPA Relaxation Sound Machine for just over $20. The machine plays soft and relaxing music which you can use in the bedroom during meditation or in the bathroom during a bubble bath. It's easy to let the stress of the day melt away with this now incredibly affordable machine thanks to Target's Black Friday deals.

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Target’s Black Friday sale also includes other products such as sandals, clothing, etc. The sale is only online and so consumers should act fast and visit here