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New National Health Policy Fellowship appointee talks policy


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, largest national philanthropy for health, has chosen Dr. Paul Lipkin for the prestigious position as a National Health Policy Fellowship. Dr. Lipkin is the Director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Development and Learning. He is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, past Chairman of the Council on Children with Disabilities of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The Kennedy Krieger Institute is an organization that helps children and adolescents with disorders and injuries of the brain and spinal cord in Baltimore, Maryland. The center also has inpatient and outpatient clinics, home and community services, and school-based programs. The institute also has a team of researchers that look into contributing to the understanding of disorders, new interventions, and earlier diagnoses.
Dr. Lipkin will be bringing a wide range of experience with him to the new position and hopes to carry what he learns back to Kennedy Krieger after his first year. He agreed to an interview.

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Question: Will you continue working as the Director of Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Development and Learning?

I will be devoting myself completely to the fellowship. As a result, my responsibilities as Director of the Center will be assumed by Dr. Mary Leppert during this period. I will be returning to Kennedy Krieger at the end of the year to resume my work as Director of the Center for Development and Learning, while also beginning work on health policy initiatives related to children and adults with disabilities.

Question: As an autistic adult, I am very concerned about the changes that may be made to national health policies. Do you have any particular ideas formulated for future discussion that you hope to bring to the Capital?

During the year in Washington, I will be working with leaders in the government on their legislative and administrative work, creating an opportunity for me to better understand the government’s roles and responsibilities in health care. At the same time, I will be offering them my expertise in pediatric health care and disabilities. With this experience, I plan to return to Kennedy Krieger after the year and work on projects that will improve the care of children and adults with disabilities in collaboration with government or foundations.

Question: What are you hoping to gain from your experience as a Health Policy Fellow?

Over the past decade, I have had an opportunity to shape national policy related to children with disabilities through my work with the American Academy of Pediatrics. I am hoping now to better understand the role of government in the creation and implementation of policy, in order to work further on improving the care of those with disabilities both in Maryland and across the United States.