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Mesothelioma Cancer Survivor Offers Hope After 6 Years

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Let's start with Mesothelioma hope. A new drug mixture of tremelimumab and Imfinzi (durvalumab) show encouraging results in the first phase II mesothelioma clinical trial examining this combination. The study, which included 40 mesothelioma patients in Italy, was published in the June 2018 edition of The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.


Karen Grant is a cancer survivor. She has survived one of the most deadly forms of cancer: Mesothelioma. She has been cancer-free for six years now following an aggressive treatment plan from Dr. David Sugarbaker of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Six years ago, Grant was diagnosed with pleural Mesothelioma at age 29. She was the youngest to receive this particular diagnosis: with tumors on both sides of the lungs. She was originally given only months to live but Ms. Grant did not give up. She saw Dr. Sugarbaker and he offered her the chance she was looking for.

Dr. Sugarbaker developed the aggressive treatment plan that included two surgeries, laser therapy, chemotherapy and rehabilitation. It is a grueling treatment plan that had to have taken its toll on Ms. Grant but without it, she surely would be dead by now.

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Researchers say that the earliest they can find and diagnosis Mesothelioma, the better the prognosis; although, there is not a high survivor rate because of the disease’s aggressive growth once it begins. But with Ms. Grant’s success, there is hope.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer whose main cause is exposure to asbestos, a chemical that used to be used much more widely until about the 1970s when the use declined as the health impact of the chemical became to be known.

According to a report, “the United States has yet to ban asbestos, but the toxic mineral is regulated and as long as a product has less than 1 percent asbestos it is considered in the United States to be free of asbestos. However, most U.S. residents are under the impression that asbestos was banned in the late-1980s. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attempted to enact a ban in 1989, but the ban was thrown out by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1991.”

Asbestos.com is offering Mesothelioma patients an information packet, which patients can order online and have sent to them via mail which will help them understand their prognosis and available treatment options. For more information on Mesothelioma, please visit the Mesothelioma Center here



this case really gave hope to alot of people.