Government Source Helps Finding Affordable Health Insurance

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A new government source to help people find affordable health insurance is the website. This website has been designed to be used to find sources of public and private coverage. There are a few details to fill out at the site and the user will find tailored sources for his or her circumstances.

The information the site seeks includes your age, state of residency, and any medical conditions. The website then gives you specifics on plans that you qualify for in a comparison format. In order to get an estimate you will need to contact the plan providers until October when that information will be available at the site. These plans are meant to offer affordable health insurance for all individuals and so the plan premiums should reflect that.

If you have a chronic medical condition, it is often hard to find affordable health insurance on your own. This is why the website was created. Starting in 2014, insurers will no longer be able to deny coverage but until then there is a high-risk pool ($5 billion) that helps pay for the high-cost premiums incurred by these individuals. More information about this option can be found at the government website.


The reason the website asks for specific personal information is because it matters which policies may be available to you and at what cost. For instance, USA Today writes that New York’s high-risk pool may face premiums ranging from $400-$600 whereas Pennsylvania residents’ would pay $283 a month with a $1,000 deductible for in-network coverage. Rates also differ based on age, as well. These factors all play a part in getting affordable health insurance.

To qualify for affordable health insurance via the high-risk pool, you must have been uninsured for at least six months, prove you’ve been turned down for a pre-existing condition, or denied certain benefits due to said condition, live in one of six states that the government now requires insurers to offer insurance to everyone, or prove that the plan provided was unaffordable for you.

Some states are running these high-risk pools for affordable health insurance themselves or through their Department of Health and Human Services. If your state pool is run by an HHS department, you may download an application now from the government website. Those who apply before July 15 will be eligible for coverage beginning August 1st. It is best to apply as soon as possible as the pool may not be enough to cover everyone who applies, according to a USA Today article.

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With what the government is doing to our economy, I would not trust them with my health care!