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Did Black Parents Give Birth to White Baby?


The Sun is reporting a strange, baffling case: a black couple (with no family history of mixed race) gave birth to a white baby with blonde hair and blue eyes. At this time, it is not sure if this story is true or not.

According to the report, the father is very sure the baby is his and even if it wasn’t, the baby would not look like she does. The baby was born on July 16, 2010 to mom Angela and dad Ben by c-section. The hospital confirmed to the parents that the child is not an albino. The couple comes from Nigeria where there is little genetic mixing like that can be found in Afro-Caribbean areas.

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While not all aspects of genetic mixing is understood, some of it is. The most likely cause would be that both parents have mixed ancestry. However, that is not present in this case. Another case can be like that of Kylie Hodgson who gave birth to twins: one black and one white. However, in that case, both parents had mixed raced ancestry.

Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University says that “All skin and eye colour are controlled by the pigment melanin. And there are about a dozen genes that control the amount or type of melanin. Even if there have been convergence of a pale version of the parents’ genes, there would have to be some form of white ancestry on both sides for this baby to look this way.” And since albinoism has been ruled out? “It is more likely that there has been some other mutation that’s happened to produce this colouring.”

The blonde hair itself is strange. It’s very long and very curly. It almost looks like a wig and the mom Angela was quoted as believing the hospital had brought her a doll instead because of the unique hair and coloring.

The only other possible explanation is a mix-up at the hospital where this child was born of another set of parents, who did have mixed ancestry or a mutation of the genes. It is sure that the genetics community will be interested in discovering if this report is true or not and if it is true, what caused it. Either way, the mom says her child is beautiful and named her Nmachi, which means “beauty of God” in their native country. The baby is beautiful, that much is sure.



Either a mix up at the hospital or someone else has been watering that garden.
Where's the photo?
It appears that there was a white boy in the wood shed !!!! hahahahahahaha
To see the photo, click on the link in the article...
I seen the pic...it looks wierd. Even though it is white, it still has african american features.
Genetics are a very very complex. This family does not know of anyone in their family being mixed raced but clearly there was. The father’s own mother has blue eyes. It may have been many generations ago. Genes can not be breed out they may lay dormant for a long time but they will eventual pop up. The mixed person could have been passing and no one knew they were mixed race in some capacity. Truth is the majority of people in this world are not 100% any race. There was a case in South Africa (1950s) “black” girl born to two white parents and yes she was their biological daughter. They also did not know of any mixed race people in their family. Clearly there was most likely someone who was mulatto/quadroon married into the family and was able to pass as full white. Their African genes did not come up again until their decadent Sandra Laing, this was probably several generations later.