Blue Shield of CA and Cigna Join HealthCompare Offering Alternative to Cobra


HealthCompare is a website that helps consumers to compare, buy and enroll in a health insurance plan at the right price for them. By simply entering in a zip code to get started, users can find a wide-array of plans available, with two recent additions: Blue Shield of California, a non-profit health plan and Cigna, a healthcare provider.

Kathy Feeny, Senior VP of HealthCompare, says “With more than 9.5% of our nationa’s population currently unemployed, it is crucial that our industry works to help the millions of people who are currently without proper health coverage.”

Users enter simple information and HealthCompare offers information on plans, including PPO and indemnity health plans, such as price, prescription coverage, deductible amounts, whether or not office visits are covered and more. The plans are pre-sorted by most affordable and then most popular.


There are some aesthetic issues with the HealthCompare websites that may interfere with user’s experience. For example, after entering your zip code, you are taken to a new page to enter your choices for health insurance plans, individual, family or children only. When moving your mouse to make your choice, huge blocks of text pop up explaining the choice and get in the way of actually clicking to make a choice. This feature is called “mouse-over” pop-ups that provide additional information to users of a website and normally is a great feature to have. But, because the information is so large, it interferes more than helps.

However, once the user gets past that, the information provided is as promised and helps users identify health insurance plans in their area, based on price, often the most important consideration in today’s economy. Once a user decides on a plan, he or she simply moves through the HealthCompare website to purchase the health insurance plan online in a very simple, easy-to-follow manner. There is fine print to read before purchasing, so consumers are urged not to skip reading it. The conditions and terms vary from state to state.

Blue Shield of California’s Brent Hitchings said, “We look forward to working with HealthCompare to help consumers choose the right health plan for their needs.” Cigna’s Chris Roames also agrees, “We are thrilled to be teaming up with HealthCompare as it will serve as an outlet for us to connect with consumers seeking cost-efficient plans as an alternative to Cobra.”

Cobra is the health insurance that is offered to those who become unemployed due to layoffs and other reasons. Many Cobra clients are not happy with the price and/or services offered under this plan and wish to choose another option. With HealthCompare, they may find a more affordable health insurance that actually meets their needs.