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Avandia Lawsuit ads hits the market after the vote


The first Avandia lawsuits ads have hit the market following yesterday’s FDA safety vote concerning the GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug. The drug came under media scrutiny recently when it was learned that its safety was questionable. It has been said that the drug company withheld or downplayed negative results from clinical trials for at least a decade. Consumers who use Avandia are asking themselves, now what?

Doctors are recommending if a patient has concerns (and many doctors themselves do) they can be switched to Actos, a similar product that has fewer risks. Many patients with diabetes also have heart-related diseases. The increased risk of heart attacks upon use of Avandia should have been made more transparent to consumers and many are now acting out to sue the drug giant, GlaxoSmithKline.

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Another option is the popularly used Metformin. It also does not carry the same risks that Avandia has. There are other medication options as well and a patient should discuss these options with his or her doctor. However, patients can further educate themselves by reading this 2008 report from the Diabetes Journal.

As always, diet and exercise play a huge part in controlling diabetes. In addition to medication, patients should see a consultation with a licensed nutritionist and discuss exercise options with their doctors. Patients can often reduce the need for insulin by keeping a balanced diet and exercise program. CVS has partnered with Dr. Ian Smith to create the 50 Million Pound Challenge. Patients may want to consider grabbing a copy of the guide and discussing the options with their doctor.

In about 24 hours, nearly 322,000 ads have appeared online offering legal help with suing over the use of Avandia. There are even now television ads appearing nation-wide. While it’s not yet clear if there is a legal claim for all users of the drug, if a patient has suffered a heart attack while on Avandia, he or she may want to consult an attorney about their options. Many attorneys are seeking to create a class lawsuit, in which the potential reward of a lawsuit would be split among its claimants. These cases are often offered on a contingency basis where there are no up-front costs to the client because they attorney will take a percentage of any award from the court.