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Stress Management and Relief

In today's hectic world, stress management is necessary to help maintain optimal health. Learn about effective stress management techniques as well as the impact of stress on your health from our team of Emaxhealth reporters.

Stressed-Out Women Take Control: Shun Prescription, Seek Natural Solutions To Ease Stress

Short tempers, snapping at loved ones and failure to concentrate are the unfortunate hallmarks of today's stressed-out American women, according to a new survey conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Rescue Remedy for National Stress Awareness Month in April.

Study Links Stress to Infertility

Stress can cause the cessation of ovulation and therefore infertility.

Women who are experiencing the devastation of infertility are finding hope in a simple, self-applied acupressure. Researchers from Emory University showed that infertile women resumed ovulation after twenty weeks of psychotherapy to reduce stress levels. However, relief need not take that long.