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Stress Getting You Down? Perk Up with a Good Night's Sleep

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(ARA) - Stress. We've all felt it at one time or another and we know it's not healthy. How we handle that stress differs from person to person. Some of us try with aromatherapy or at-home spa treatments, and others cook healthy meals or start an exercise program... all in pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle with lower stress.

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According to the Better Sleep Council's (BSC) third annual stress and sleep survey, women identify getting a good night's sleep as their top priority for personal wellness. Twenty-seven percent believe sleep is the most important wellness activity over a balanced diet (24 percent) and exercising 30 minutes a day (19 percent).

However, understanding the value of getting a good night's sleep is not resulting in restful nights and refreshed mornings for American women. The BSC survey found that while 45 percent of women feel most energized after a good night