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4 Obvious Reasons To Simplify

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Are you someone who thinks about -- maybe even wistfully dreams about -- a simpler, less stressful, more meaningful life, but associate simplifying with giving away everything you own, and going back to baking your own bread?

Unfortunately, that attitude can scare you away from making the simple (pardon the pun) kind of changes that can make your life so much easier and less stressful.

Instead, let's agree that simplifying means whatever you want it to mean in your ownparticular life. For me, it means eliminating the stuff around me that I find neither useful nor beautiful, and trust me, other people would not always agree with my definition of useful or beautiful.

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To me, simplifying means simply making my life easier. It simply looks at the problems of everyday life, then poses creative, simplified solutions.

And what do I get in return for my simplifying efforts?

1. Less Stuff, Fewer Problems

With less stuff cluttering up your life the benefits are easy to see. You will