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Shouting Vase For Expression Of Frustration

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Shouting Vase

Shouting vase lets you shout with your loudest frustration without disturbing anyone around.

Once you get frustrated, you’ll definitely want to shout out with your loudest voice, to release all your angers. But we’re ladies and gentlemen, and it isn’t suitable to shout with your loudest voice at any public place.

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Finding an appropriate space for you to shout at your loudest voice is nearly impossible for city dwellers. But, it’s simply no good that you swallow your angers. You must shout it out. Here comes the shouting vase, which is a pretty unique Japanese gadget that is specially designed to let you shout at one open end. What its does is to turn your loudest and most urgent frustrations into mere whispers.

Whenever you get frustrated with your boss, your job, just pick up this little gadget, and shout at it. You don’t have to mind that you’d disturb your friends and colleagues around, as it turns your loudest voice into mere whisper, which no one can catch by their ears.

The gadget is a plastic jug, designed to fit over the contours of your mouth and absorb your screams and shouts, as if it stores your angers in the vase, and releases a softer version of them, which then come through the tiny hole at the base. It’s kind of effective to make your angers vanish.

Source: Reported By Tech Chee Medical