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Learn To Stay Stress-Free This Holiday Season

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One in five Americans worry that holiday stress can affect their physical health, and with good reason: With all the shopping, party-going, cooking, family functions and the never-ending quest to find the "perfect" gift, it's no wonder we're all wound a little more tightly during November and December.

To help consumers reduce holiday stress, Tempur-Pedic International Inc., the leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of premium mattresses and pillows worldwide, released today the third podcast in its "Health and Wellness" series, focusing on the importance of a restorative night's sleep in combating stress.

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"Consumers have made it clear they want to find new ways to bring a sense of balance and well-being to their lives, and this couldn't be truer around the holidays," said Rick Anderson, President of Tempur-Pedic North America. "Tempur-Pedic offers consumers a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep that's especially important during this busy, and often stressful, time of year."

The featured guest speaker on Tempur-Pedic's November podcast is Dr. Howard Fidler, Tempur-Pedic Wellness Advisory Board member and chiropractor at Davis Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN, specializing in pediatrics, sports medicine and rehabilitation. In his podcast, "Relieving Stress During the Holidays," Dr. Fidler shares the seven major signs that stress is adversely affecting your health, as well as the top three ways to relieve stress and eliminate its negative side effects.

Tempur-Pedic's "Health and Wellness" podcast series is designed to educate the public about the importance of a balanced life and the role quality sleep plays in achieving that goal, reminding consumers that sleep is the foundation for living healthy.