Shine Happiness

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When sunshine bathes your garden in its glory, each blade of grass drinks in the vigor of the sunlight, each bud opens its petals and reveals its heart, and each leaf sings a song of joy.Now, deep from your heart answer this question: Can any beam of that sunlight be unhappy? It is impossible, isn't it? Even in imagination, you cannot think of a sunbeam as unhappy. A sunbeam simply cannot be unhappy in its shining.

Likewise, since God is the spirtual sunshine of all existence and since you are one of His rays of sunshine always shining in glory, you cannot be unhappy. It is impossible.

Glorious spiritual sunlight cannot be unhappy! So, when you DO feel unhappy - as we all sometimes do - there must be something wrong in your thought. That is the trouble; it is your thoughts About happiness which make you feel unhappy.


You are not to blame for these thoughts for they have been building up for ages. Yet the particular thoughts that make you unhappy are in your mind and therefore it is worth your while to change them. When thoughts of unhappiness come upon you, reflect and be grateful for all the good things in your life.

When your thoughts have been righted, you will be happy just as certainly as you know that a ray of glorious sunlight is always happy in its shining.


Gerald Smith