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What do Soy and Sperm Count Have in Common

The research did not find a negative relationship between soy and sperm mobility or sperm quality, which are both key factors to fertility.Caution: headlines claiming "soy products may lower sperm count" do not tell the whole story. The small scale, preliminary study that Dr. Jorge Chavarro from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine was based on recollected intake of soyfoods and not on specific diets containing soyfoods.

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Cosmetic Cocktail Designed To Meet Men's Anti-Aging Needs

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 1.1 million men had cosmetic procedures in 2006. Many opted for cosmetic cocktails and quick fixes. Baby boomers account for 65 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed.

Dr. Samuel Lam and Thomas Tzikas, MD, top cosmetic surgeons hailing from Dallas, Texas and Palm Beach County, Florida, agree there is a cosmetic cocktail to meet the needs of today's cosmetically inclined men, many of whom are baby boomers actively fighting the signs of aging.

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