Embolization Successfully Treats Male Infertility

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Embolization is found to be a simple and successful treatment for male infertility, which is caused by varicoceles.

A team of researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston examined 223 infertile men who had at least one varicose veins. All the men together had 228 varicose veins and all of them had healthy partners. Researchers successfully treated 226 varicose veins and found that 206 patients (92.4%) have varicoceles completely cured.

Three months after treatment researchers tested 173 men for sperm quantity and quality and found significant improvement. After six months 45 couples (26%) reported successful pregnancy. This is a very high rate of treating male infertility, taking into consideration how simple the treatment is.


Varicoceles is a condition occurring in about 20% of men. It occurs when blood vessels in scrotum get tangled. This disturbs normal blood circulation process in testicle veins. Varicoceles is not being treated in every case, treatment is necessary only when the condition cause pain or fertility problems.

Retrograde venous embolization is a simple procedure for varicoceles treatment, which allows patients to recover easily. Most of the patients are able to leave the hospital just a day after the procedure. The treatment works on improving sperm quantity and quality and is found to be very successful for male infertility treatment.

During embolization procedure, a small catheter is inserted into groin and then into varicocele, with the help of X-ray. As soon as the catheter is inserted, a platinum coil and small agent are being inserted. They close the gonadic vein and ensure normal blood circulation.

When couples are having difficulties to get pregnant, they usually suspect that the problem is on the female side. However, scientists urge that both men and women need to undergo a proper checkup to identify the right cause of the infertility problem. This research suggests that if a man has varicoceles and fertility problems he should undergo an embolization procedure as it's simple and successful.


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