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Drinking, Smoking Damage Men's Sperm

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Children from smoking and drinking fathers are more likely to have health problems, because toxic environment damages not only men's health, but also their children's health. Exposure to toxins damages men's sperm and affect heirs' health.

Matthew Anway from University of Idaho led a study in male rats. The rats were exposed to garden chemicals. These rats found to have health defects such as damaged or overgrown prostates, infertility, kidney problems. Besides their own problems, the next four generations had health defects.

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The rats were exposed to high levels of toxins, but the research shows clear evidence that quality of sperm affects health of next generations. Previously conducted researches have already proven that women's health is very important for having healthy babies, but few studies mention men's health.

Research advises that young men should not smoke and drink too much, because nicotine and alcohol exposure can damage sperm. DNA cells in sperm are carefully protected by nature, but if the cells get damaged, it will be impossible to repair them. However, there is good news for those who want to switch to healthier lifestyle and have healthy babies: men sperm is being produced in a 74-day cycle, this means that male organism is cleaning sperm cells regularly.

Study advises all smoking and drinking men to stop thinking as if their hurting their own health. They also deeply damage their heirs' health. The study says: "If you minimise your exposure to toxic substances then you might minimise your risks of reproductive harm."



So, I will not have babies.
why then do alcholics seem to have no probelsm fathering kids one after another and people who have smoked for generations have a number of healthy kids?
Thanks for the information on this blog! I find it very interesting and entertaining! hopefully soon have updates that I love your post! I thank you too!
i to not have babies..