Welsh Assembly Government Raises Testicular Cancer Awareness

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"Remember to check your balls" is the call from Welsh Rugby Captain, Ryan Jones as Health Challenge Wales leads an initiative to raise awareness of testicular cancer amongst young men.

Hundreds of shower cards and posters will be placed in changing rooms throughout Wales to highlight the issue of testicular cancer and underline the importance of early detection.

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged 15-44 and despite being quite rare, the incidence of testicular cancer since 1975 has more than doubled with around 100 new cases being detected every year in Wales.

Testicular cancer is 99 per cent curable if caught early and the overall cure rate is over 95 per cent, so the importance of early detection cannot be underemphasised.

Ryan Jones was more than happy to provide a helping hand to the campaign and hopes that the shower cards and posters will dispel the embarrassment that often surrounds the subject and encourage men to examine themselves.

Said Ryan Jones:


"When it comes to testicular cancer our health is quite literally 'in our hands.'

There's a very high success rate of treatment for testicular cancer if it's caught early enough. Self-examination is crucial and I hope that these shower cards and posters will help remind men to have a quick check after a game, work out or shower. It could save their life."

Said Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Tony Jewel:

"Testicular cancer does not have to kill. It can be treated if caught in time.

With 100 men being diagnosed every year with this form of cancer it's clear that there is a great deal more that we can do to remind young men to regularly examine themselves.

By circulating posters and shower cards throughout leisure centres and sporting organisations in Wales we hope to raise awareness of this important issue."

The waterproof shower cards and posters are to be distributed to governing bodies and leisure centres in order to remind young men to "check their balls".