Cosmetic Cocktail Designed To Meet Men's Anti-Aging Needs

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 1.1 million men had cosmetic procedures in 2006. Many opted for cosmetic cocktails and quick fixes. Baby boomers account for 65 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed.

Dr. Samuel Lam and Thomas Tzikas, MD, top cosmetic surgeons hailing from Dallas, Texas and Palm Beach County, Florida, agree there is a cosmetic cocktail to meet the needs of today's cosmetically inclined men, many of whom are baby boomers actively fighting the signs of aging.

Aging is manifested through three major processes: gravitational decent, solar skin damage and volume loss. Once men hit age 30, they begin to see a loss of volume around the cheeks, eyes and brow -- the aging process has begun.

The newest cosmetic cocktail for men fighting the aging process is fat transfer combined with Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration. According to Dr. Lam author of the new textbook, Complementary Fat Grating, "This procedure provides immediate and durable results without an incision. Men can continue to shave and return to work shortly after the procedure. After the healing period, they will appear rejuvenated and refreshed with younger looking skin."


Fat transfer was first performed in the late 1800's and remains one of the most effective procedures for correcting volume depletion associated with aging. Fat transfer, which is autologous, takes fat from another part of the body, such as the stomach or thighs, harvests it, and injects it into the face. Fat transfer is a safe and natural procedure.

Portrait plasma is a non-invasive, first of its kind in-office technology clinically proven to treat unhealthy sun damaged skin and stimulate a natural, healthier regenerative process of the skin. When combined with fat transfer, patients achieve a natural, younger look. Unlike other skin rejuvenation procedures, such as CO2, erbium, or fractionated lasers, Portrait plasma offers true results with less downtime.

When combined with fat transfer, the procedure offers patients what Lam calls, "totally natural" results. "The feminized and alien look of a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty [eye lid surgery] for men is entirely avoided with the natural periorbital [around the eye] rejuvenation using fat grafting that maintains the normally low to full set of upper eyelid of an attractive male," Lam says.

Dr. Tzikas says he sees "the advantages combining Portrait treatments with fat transfer are tissue tightening combined with volume replacement to appropriate places giving an optimal and natural result". He has seen a significant increase in male patients in his practice. He says "men want to look rejuvenated and refreshed and this cosmetic cocktail works effectively to do just that".

Dr. Tzikas says that "eyelid rejuvenation with fat transfer and Portrait plasma takes half of the recovery time of other cosmetic cocktails and there is minimal risk of pigment loss. Male patients heal more quickly than female patients because of their thicker dermis. Male patients also peel faster because of their facial hair". He says "many of his patients in the corporate world request this cosmetic cocktail in order to "refresh" their look and reverse the aging process".