Florida Recognizes Men's Health Week

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Men's Health Week

Florida Department of Health joins county health departments around the state in celebrating Men's Health Week June 11th-17th.


Created to increase awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases in men, Men's Health Week is observed around the country to promote positive health behaviors in American men.

"Florida's men are our fathers and brothers, husbands, sons, and co-workers so men's health is an issue that truly impacts everyone," Ana M. Viamonte Ros M.D., M.P.H., Secretary of Health and Florida's State Surgeon General said. "This week, we encourage Florida's men and the people who love them to learn about the issues that affect men's health, and understand how to protect themselves by practicing a healthy lifestyle."

In 2005, 40.6 percent of Florida men had high cholesterol and 9 percent were diagnosed with diabetes. Only 26 percent of Florida men consumed five fruits or vegetables a day in 2005 and less than 28 percent had twenty minutes or more of vigorous physical activity three or more days a week.

Men in Florida can take responsibility for their own personal health outcomes by engaging in preventative health behaviors. DOH encourages all male Floridians to use this week to schedule routine visits with their health care professionals and receive preventative exams and screenings for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and dental care. In addition, throughout the year men should promote good health by maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in daily physical activity, receiving appropriate vaccinations, not smoking and managing stress.