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Former NHL Player Bryan Bickell is Battling MS but Feeling Great with Tysabri

Bryan and Amanda Bickell with daughters

Former NHL player Bryan Bickell is battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but feeling great with Tysabri. Bickell may be off the ice, but he is on to bigger things as spokesperson for Biogen and running his non-profit, the Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation which helps rescue abused pit bulls and provide people in need with service dogs. The 31-year-old Bickell announced his plans to retire from the NHL after a successful 2016-2017 season as winger with the Carolina Hurricanes.

5 Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels and 5 That Lower Its Production

Salmon tuna for testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone found in both males and females although women tend to have much lower levels. Testosterone levels are highest between onset of puberty and about age 30 then begin to decline by about 1% each year after. Testosterone imbalances can affect both men and women physically and emotionally and certain foods can help with these imbalances. This article discusses five foods that increase testosterone levels and lower testosterone production.

Alarming percentage of men may be infected with genital virus

Report underscores importance of HPV vaccine for men

A new and alarming report finds that nearly 50 percent of men under age 60 may be infected with the human papillomavirus or HPV. Among those statistics, 25 percent of men have what is called the high risk type of HPV that is a precursor to cancer.

Common men's health problems: Top three risks

Although men are notorious for not wanting to go to a doctor, there are several common health problems that put them at risk. It is important that men pay attention to their health and discuss their concerns with a doctor. The following three health conditions can put their life at risk and cause serious complications.

Soldier blames fibromyalgia on incident in Afghanistan

Fibromylagia in Afghanistan

A soldier who served in Afghanistan believes the injuries he suffered during an unloading accident are responsible for his fibromyalgia. Kieran Murphy was part of the U.K. Territorial Army and was hurt while helping to unload materials. He is currently suing the Ministry of Defense for £250,000 ($386, 912) in damages.