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Tips for Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers

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  • Find out about the disease and how to provide care.

  • Be realistic about the disease and how it affects the person over time.

  • Be realistic about yourself, assess what you value most (e.g. taking a walk with the person you are caring for, spending time alone, having a clean house, etc.).

  • Accept your feelings - it may often feel like a roller coaster ride but recognize that you are doing your best.

  • Share information and feelings with others so they can understand what is happening to you and the person you are caring for.

  • You will need to take a break from time to time - be sure to find time to spend with friends, church groups or social clubs.

  • Be positive, your attitude can affect how you see things and how others see you.

  • Take care of yourself, otherwise you will not be able to take care of anyone else.

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  • Look out for signs of depression in yourself (e.g. lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, uncontrollable crying, guilt, anger).

  • Early planning for the future can help relieve stress. When the person with Alzheimer's disease is capable, sit down with them to review their finances - discuss health and personal care decisions together.


Adapted with permission from the brochure entitled Caring for Someone with Alzheimer Disease? Take Care of yourself Too. Developed by the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Where to get help

  • Call your local Alzheimer Society, call 1-800-616-8816 or visit www.alzheimer.ca Ask for a copy of the brochure Caring for Someone with Alzheimer Disease? Take Care of yourself Too.

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