Spare some time for elderly neighbours this Christmas

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Christmas Holiday and Elderly

The Federal Minister for Ageing, Senator Santo Santoro, has encouraged Australians to remember their elderly relatives and neighbours during this Christmas holiday period.

Senator Santoro said while Christmas was a time of joy and togetherness for most people, it could also be a time when loneliness and isolation were felt most acutely, particularly by the frail and elderly.

"Anecdotal evidence from community organisations indicates that this is the time of year when people can feel under the most strain, particularly older people who may be living alone," Senator Santoro said.


"It's a fact of life for many of us that our busy work and family lives mean we do not always see as much of our older relatives or neighbours as we would like to.

"But at this time of year, when many people take a break from work, we can spare time to drop in on our older relatives or neighbours for a cup of coffee and a chat.

"A very simply gesture such as that can make an enormous difference to someone who may otherwise go without personal contact during a day.

"Our older Australians