Careers of Elderly Deserve Better

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Eldercare Career

The education and training opportunities provided by nursing homes for staff who care for elderly residents is worryingly inadequate, particularly for those caring for dementia patients, according to a pilot study conducted by ANU researchers.


The study conducted by ANU Medical School Visiting Fellow Dr Tony Schumacher Jones and colleagues asked carers to report how much education in mental illness and dementia care was provided by the facility they worked at, both at the commencement of their employment and on a day-to-day basis.

It found that over 79 per cent of carers working in dementia specific units had received no training in mental illness at the start of their work and over 64 per cent had received no dementia training. Over 87 per cent of those surveyed reported the facility provided no ongoing training in mental illness and over 60 per cent reported they received no ongoing training in dementia care.

"These units are where the most profoundly impaired elderly people live