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Therapeutic Mattress

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It is important that you order a Therapeutic Mattress for you or for a loved one from the right place. Therefore, the following information may be helpful in knowing what products are out there and some extra information about a possible insurance coverage.

The products are listed under 2 groups.

Group 1 has one product.

Geo-Mattress is a therapeutic foam mattress replacement with cross-cut top and waterproof cover. This product is covered for a patient under a comprehensive care plan who is either completely immobile or has limited mobility. Those people who have pressure ulcer (any stage) on trunk or pelvies, and have any of the following, are covered as well:

-impaired untritional status

- fecal urinary incontinence

- altered sensory perception

- compromised circulatory status

Group 2 includes three different products.

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PressureGuard APM & APM2: Alternating pressure mattress replacement (APM2 also provides basic lateral rotation).

PressureGuard Turn Select: Pendant controlled, programmable lateral rotation mattress replacement.

PressureGuard Easy Air: Low air loss theraphy with alternating pressure.

All the products in Group 2 may be covered for a patient who has multiple stage II ulcers on trunk or pelvies and has been on a comprehensive ulcer treatment program for a least 30 days, including the use of a Group 1 support surface and ulcers have worsened or remained the same over the past month. If a person has a large or multiple stage III of IV pressure ulcer(s) on the trunk or pelvies, this case may be covered as well. Another instanse where a coverage may be available is when the patient has had skin graft or flap surgery for ulcer on trunk or pelvis within last 60 days and has been on a Group 2 or 3 surface immediately prior to discharge from hospital or nursing facility within the past 30 days.

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