Senior Falls Cause Serious Brain Injuries

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Senior falls lead to serious traumatic brain injuries, urging the need of more educational materials for elderly, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report on senior falls in 2005. The study found that in 2005 about 8000 deaths and 56000 hospitalizations took place among people aged from 65 just because of traumatic brain injuries. Brain injury deaths account 50% of all elderly deaths in 2005 that occurred because of falls, and 8% of hospitalization cases also occur because of brain problems.

In 2005 about 16000 seniors died from fall related injuries, 1.8 million adults received care in emergency departments, and 433000 patients were hospitalized.


The study found that men have higher risk for dying from brain injury than women: 26.9 cases out of 100000 occurring in men and 17.8 cases out of 100000 occurring in women. Hospitalization cases were more occurring among women than men: 158.3 out of 100000, compared to 146.3 out of 100000. The study also found that senior fall cases increase with age.

54.9% of men and 61.5% of women hospitalized for fall related brain injury spent from 2 to 6 days in hospitals, accounting for hospital charges of $19,191 for men and $16,006 for women.

Most of people think that senior falls can lead to bone break only, but the results can be much more serious when brain is affected. When people age, they usually have vision worsened or lost, they have poor coordination, balance and control. They can also have chronic health conditions and drug side effects leading to increased risk for falls.

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