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FDA Approves Intel's Home Health Monitoring System

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Intel's Home Health Monitoring System

FDA approved a new home health monitoring device from Intel. It is called Health Guide. This home health monitoring device is easy to use and aimed at helping those with chronic health conditions, who need to monitor health regularly.

Intel's Home Health Monitoring System is a device combining several meters in one and allowing to send personal health information to a secure host. Health Guide includes vital sign collection, educational materials, and patient reminders. The device can be easily connected with certain models of home care devises, such as 'blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales'.

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Home health monitoring system has a touch screen interface, which allows the patient to monitor and organize health data. The data can be easily sent to a secure host, from which physicians can access it and manage patient's health remotely. The device can also connect patients with caregivers and make it easy for them to communicate on a distance.

"We believe the Intel Health Guide represents a new category of personal health systems that goes beyond the simple remote patient monitoring devices available today," said Louis Burns from Intel. "We envision a wide range of usage models, not only chronic conditions such as CHF and diabetes, but also programs for health and wellness management at home."

Intel believes everyone will like using Health Guide, because it makes possible for a patient to be closer to his or her health care process and always be aware of what's going on with his conditions. The company will start distributing home health monitoring systems to health insurers, government, and health care providers.

Hopefully, Intel's Home Health Monitoring System will be widely available earlier next year.