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Offering Support To Elderly Through Kinship Care

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Camilla Office of Child Support Services, in partnership with the Council on Aging, is working to establish a support group to provide emotional support and resource information to help grandparents and other relatives raising children that are not their own. Through this program, titled Kinship Care, OCSS will provide grandparents and other relatives with services that can help bring income into the homes of Georgia's children.

"Today's family structure is changing and an increasing number of grandparents are stepping up to the challenge of raising their grandchildren," says OCSS Director Keith Horton. "It is imperative that we offer our resources to help support this aging population".

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The need for this support group was established due to the lack of parental assistance in the area. The strategic placement of a support group in Camilla provides services to grandparents who need them most. OCSS has nearly 400,000 parents under order to pay child support, and in fiscal year 2007, distributed nearly $600 million from regular paying parents to child support recipients.

For non custodial parents who are willing, yet unable, to pay their support regularly, OCSS provides parental assistance through the Fatherhood Program.

The Fatherhood Program, designed for both mothers and fathers, is used to help non-custodial parents who have trouble making timely payments due to employment barriers such as lack of a high school diploma or GED, no driver's license or transportation, alcohol and substance abuse, criminal records, and mental health issues.