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Elder Care Shortages Show Hope In Cozier Settings

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As concern over elder care shortages continues to grow nationwide, one growing elder care option seems to have been overlooked.

The number of State Licensed Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) has grown significantly in the past years.

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Marvin Gabut, president of FindCareHomes.com, states, "In our recent update of listings we've identified an additional 1,000 licensed homes in the past year, totaling to a near 8,000 licensed homes in California." This insight in elder care options provides seniors with personal care in a comforting residential setting.

RCFE's also known as board-and-cares are residential homes in residential neighborhoods that traditionally provide care for up to six elderly clients. Clients in these homes have a better caregiver to patient ratio than traditional senior care homes. These homes don't and cannot provide medical care, but provide enough resources and supervision to assure a residents well being.

RCFE's are highly regulated by the State of California and have to follow strict guidelines such as providing medications, hygiene of residents, scheduled daily activities, nutritious meals, and scheduled and documented doctors visits to name a few.

The numbers of licensed homes are so numerous that it would not be unlikely to find an option in almost every neighborhood. This is a great option for busy families to place their loved one in a home only a few houses down from where they live. "In this past week we've easily helped a family find a care home just walking distance from their house," says Gabut.