New plan addresses 'spousal refusal,' nursing-home cost burden

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Spousal refusal, an increasingly popular way for elderly couples to qualify for Medicaid coverage to avoid nursing-home costs, has been painted by critics as an abuse of public funds. But the opposite problem

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I was wondering if spousal refusal could be used when both spouses live at home in the same household? ons spouse has ssd/ssi and medicaid and receives $624. monthly. she is 60 and has been disabled over 18 years. the other spouse is 67 and would like to put in for his social security about $905, per month but social secuirty would deem his income and they would then be over the alloted allowed amount. for a couple which is about $1,087. then she could lose her ssi/medicaid which would not be good. any ideas? thanks
what are the pit falls to spousal refusal? Does a person loose the right to select their medical care provider, or select the home they wan to go to? Does he/she & their spouse loose their proxy rights too?