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Health Insurance May Cover Abortion If House Version Passes


The dilemmas facing Obama’s health insurance reform initiative are ample. He faces a heated Republican Senate mass whose support of the bill is all but non-existent, as well as Democrats who oppose the language of the health care bill and some of its conditions. One such obstacle is the controversial abortion provision, which will remain in the bill despite protest.

President Obama originally named March 18 as his goal to pass the health insurance and health care reform bill. This would be three days before he leaves for a trip to Indonesia and Australia – a trip he already postponed in hopes that the bill would pass. However, with the abortion language set in stone, the likelihood of agreement is diminishing.

Democrats need to pass the health care bill by simple majority. This leaves out the seemingly impossible grunt work of getting Republicans to sign on. Rather, it allows Democrats to pass the health insurance legislation by merely 60 votes in a process called reconciliation.

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The push for health care reform has been a hallmark of the Obama administration. The efforts of his yearlong struggle are finally coming to a head. However, the inclusion of abortion language angers many staunch anti-abortion Democrats who feel the bill isn’t specific enough in restricting taxpayer dollars for abortion coverage.

Previously, the health care bill passed by a slim majority on Christmas Eve. Without the support of these more conservative Democrats health insurance reform may hit yet another obstacle. Democrats have been stalling on the point thus far even as the President traveled the country this week trying to rally public support.

Furthermore, there is contention on both Senate and House side as well as the usual Republican-Democrat back-and-forth arguing. For example, Republicans argue that Obama must sign the bill into law before making changes under reconciliation. House Democrats, however, are against making changes to the health care bill.

The issue of abortion and health insurance coverage will make the passage of the health care reform bill an incredibly gargantuan task. Markets show that big business likes the delays. Stocks rallied Thursday on the news that the bill will not hit the March 18 deadline.

Disclaimer: Emaxhealth.com does not approve abortion and is pro-life.