First Ever Once-Weekly Diabetes Treatment Injection


Amylin, Lilly and Alkermes have joined forces to get exenatide once weekly, a subcutaneous injection of exenatide for the treatment of type 2 diabetes on the market. The drug is in a grouping of many new longer lasting type 2 diabetes treatment drugs that have had effective results without the risk of hypoglycemia. Exenatide could be approved on Friday, March 12 after a 5-day interruption by the Food and Drug Administration for weather-related problems.

The new exenatide is the answer to millions of type 2 diabetes patients who are unable to control their blood sugar with daily insulin injections. The side effects from the drug are extensive, but most diabetes treatment drugs cause similar issues, such as stomach problems, dizziness, jittery feelings, skin irritation and decreased urination.

“Exenatide once weekly is an investigational, extended-release medication for type 2 diabetes designed to deliver continuous therapeutic levels of exenatide in a single weekly dose. The NDA for exenatide once weekly was submitted in May 2009 and accepted by the FDA in July 2009.”


The 3 companies involved in backing the drug's research, approval and final release are powerhouses in the diabetes treatment industry. Amylin Pharmaceuticals is a San Diego-based company that specializes in “in metabolism to develop potential therapies to treat diabetes and obesity.”

Lilly is an Indianapolis-based company that claims to have met the world's most urgent medical needs. Its worldwide laboratories and collaborations have widened their growing portfolio of effective and innovative pharmaceutical drugs.

Alkermes is spread between Massachusetts and Ohio, they are a biotechnology company whose “robust pipeline includes extended-release injectable, pulmonary and oral products for the treatment of prevalent, chronic diseases, such as central nervous system disorders, addiction and diabetes.”

CNBC claimed 2010 is a good year for company's in the diabetes treatment drug business. Obesity and other serious health issues around the world have lead to the exponential increase of diabetes. Analysts warn the numbers will double or triple by 2025. CNBC clearly states diabetes is growing epidemic.


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I am happy to see this and hope it is an answer. I get fed up with taking so many tablets, which give me dry mouth, Which also makes my sleep pattern disturbed, having to get up for water rhen needing the toilet.
What strength is this going to be at?? Does it differ from the Exenatide already being used and marketed as Byetta?? I ask because a once weekly dose would. Most definately be preferable to the TWICE DAILY dose im on now on the lilly produced Byetta branded exenatide.
one injection a week, bring it on