Northwood Web Site Offers Christian Help And Support

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Northwood Health Systems launched their web site providing not only the stories behind the comeback of this organization, but it offers Christian-based information it hopes will help some people to a better emotional, spiritual and mental well being.

Northwood Health System has spent the past 9 years rebuilding an organization which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Less than a decade later, it is a world-class mental health care organization providing cost-effective quality care to thousands in West Virginia. The CEO and President of Northwood said the rebirth of this organization was due in large part to God's help.


"I am proud to say that I and many employees at Northwood possess a strong Christian faith," said Radakovich. "We believe having a strong Christian faith can be an essential part of achieving and sustaining good mental health."

The Christian help section of the new Northwood web site shares Christian- based guidance and perspective to important emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Through extensive study, Northwood's CEO and other have collected information that promotes a Christian understanding of how to deal with some of the various obstacles and challenges we face throughout life. The result is a set of topical narratives that combine Biblical instruction and behavioral health treatment, to provide Christian-based guidance and perspective to common emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Topics address include: anger, depression, grief, love, guilt, patience, and more.

The web site also provides a selection of Christian-based books, videos, prayers, reflections and a listing of other Christian-based web sites providing help and support.