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Prayer, Noetic Studies Feasible; Results Indicate Benefit to Heart Patients

Healing Prayer and Heart

Cardiac patients who received intercessory prayer in addition to coronary stenting appeared to have better clinical outcomes than those treated with standard stenting therapy alone, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center.

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The Importance of Laughter and Tears

Laughter and tears are great gifts that allow us to release our feelings in healthy ways.

Ron grew up in a household where laughter and tears were never expressed. Anger was the main feeling expressed by his mother, while his father was mostly withdrawn. By the time Ron was eight years old, he had managed to shut off both his laughter and his tears to avoid feeling rejected by his parents and controlled by his mother. Shutting down was his way of protecting against being invaded by his very controlling mother. He became a serious child - a controlled and controlling child.

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What Forgiveness Is Not

Is a grudge-laden heart sabotaging your success in business and in life? Much has been written over the ages about the value of forgiveness. And yet so many people continue to resist the idea of forgiving their transgressors. Why is this? I believe there are a couple of factors at play.

First, although people might want to forgive, they don't want the culprit to "get off scot-free." Let's examine this more closely. There are many misconceptions about forgiveness, so I would like to point out what forgiveness does not do (We shall refer to the transgressor as X).

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Nature's Gift of Body Energy

God has created in all of us a very great power. It can be called innate energy. It is God given, and it can be used positively or negatively. When I was studying acupuncture in China, I learned a little about this energy. When energy is disturbed, when the life streams of yin and yang are forcibly disturbed, we encounter a blockage in the energy stream that circles throughout our bodies.

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Addressing The Cause And Finding A Cure: Why Cause is Everything When It Comes To Low Back Pain

There is an epidemic, at least in the States when it comes to treating back pain. Most doctors do just that: treat back pain rather than finding and eliminating the cause. You can treat your symptoms of back pain for an eternity, and you may feel better for a short period of time.\n

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Compassion: A Powerful Doorway to Personal Growth

Compassion is defined as a deep caring for the pain of others, often accompanied by a desire to help. There is nothing that feels more wonderful and comforting than experiencing another's compassionate response to our painful feelings and experiences.

What if there was one choice you could make that would change everything in your life for the better? Actually, there is. It's the choice to move out of judgment and into compassion for yourself and others.

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Addiction to Blame

Stopping any addiction is always a challenge. Changing our thought process is especially challenging. However, there is a process available, but it will work only when you really want to change. Changing from being self-abusive to self-loving has to become more important to you than continuing to try to control yourself through your self-judgments.

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