Woman Believes She's Healed from Cancer

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Cancer Healing

Cindy Griffith had difficulty breathing while at work.

A trip to the St. Mary's Hospital emergency room revealed that she had cancer, and that the disease had spread from her breast and into her lungs. Until the moment that doctors told her she had cancer, she didn't know she was ill. "They didn't expect me to live," she said of the diagnosis of the stage-four cancer that invaded her body. But it has now been more than three months since that fateful day at the hospital, and a visit with Griffith reveals that she seems to be doing well. She has experienced no pain and has stopped using the portable oxygen bottle that doctors gave her to help her breathe easier. "They can't understand why I have no pain," she said. "They can't believe I am



Hello My name is Scotty Kiker, My brother is phillip hodges of Seattle washington and he has stomach cancer and has 3-5 months to live. Could you please pray for Him. Thank you! Scotty