Living Your Intuitive Dreams

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Source energy is available always. We simply have to be alive to experience the refreshment and relaxation of its ways. Yet, many new practitioners are sprouting up instructing and performing these ancient healing therapies for the public? Recently a renewal of old healing modalities has made its way into the mainstream media and the lives of everday people.

As human beings we are constantly thriving to grow and develop spiritually, physically and academically. And, relating to our own energy is a part of this evolutionary process. We find that we desire to feel and know spiritual enlightenment. We "have a hunch" that there is something that we need to know today. We intuitively suspect that something is missing from our daily lives. And we are correct.

Within our busy, noisy and polluted society we have lost the basics of health and peace of mind. And, energy therapy can bring us back to these basics. Around our bodies there is a static field of energy. Much like the static we feel when pant legs or skirt bottoms cling to our legs on a cold winter morning or the sting of electric shock bites us as we drag our feet upon a thick carpet, energy is real and it can cause us to feel good or bad.

In ancient times and now again in modern days many alternative practitioners have learned to "tune into" this etheric body of energy that floats and clings to our bodies. We have learned that this specific body of energy carries elements of our past, present and even our future. One can learn to relax, change, heal and read this body of energy. It is easier than it sound.

As an intuitive, I began intuitively reading individuals when I was quite young, and after much study and practice I found that each individual carries a secret book of emotions and intentions within the energy that floats outside and near his body. His thoughts and memories are usually stored within his etheric-energy body. His emotions, either light or heavy seem to fit exactly into this body of energy that vibrates just inches beyond his physical body. When the emotions have become too heavy the etheric body of energy seems to slow down and cause problems for the physical body. And when the physical body is in pain, the spiritual body seems to become slow and sluggish too.

Yet, there are ways to make a change in the energy body by learning more about this phenomenon. I have noticed that personal touch, heat from another healthy body, laughter, joy and interaction with natural objects can make a difference in the density of the etheric body. Laughter can lighten and quicken the flow of static flow around the body. Human touch warms and smoothes the vibrations of the energy body. And, crystals act like magnets attracting a vortex of energy from the physical body; leaving it feeling clear and refreshed. A practitioner who learns to read and view this energy body can make wise decisions as to how to improve the human energy body creating health for the physical and spiritual body as well.


An experienced and intuitive energy therapist will first take an inventory of the energy body. She will usually move her hands over the body feeling for warmth or coldness, electrical sensations or static. Next, the therapist will warm the energy body with her own hands or other natural objects like herbs or crystals. And afterwards, the energy therapist will interpret, give advice and attempt to circulate the etheric energy body to its natural flow. Once an energy session is complete the client should feel relaxed and refreshed. After several treatments the client's physical body should be more flexible and vibrant with greater energy. And, the spiritual and mental attitude of the client should be heightened as well. After a series of energy sessions the client often experiences a heightened sense of well being, a connection with intuition, a slower and relaxed heart beat and general health.

Your practitioner should be experienced and successful within her own life and business. When in her presence you should experience a feeling of safety and trust. Her first job is to help you feel relaxed as she begins to teach you to listen to your own intuitive voice. A good energy therapist will help you to recognize and improve your own health. She may begin to share intuitive insights as she sweeps her hands over your energy body. She will suggest that you listen to your own intuition and sometimes guide her as she works through your etheric body. And as the session comes to an end, she will not desire to take credit for the results of the energy treatment. She will remind you that source energy is free and natural and available to you at any time. She will remind you to connect daily to source energy through your own means. And she will be happy to assist you in your spiritual education.

There are many successful and highly skilled energy therapists available today. We are seeing a renewal of intuitive energy and its healing processes. As a planet, we are evolving and those living upon the planet are evolving too. And, there are many individuals who are listening to their inner voice and following its guidance; we are learning to "tune in" to the vibrations of all energies. So, the next time you meet an energy worker, know that you are meeting an individual who is helping the present human condition to become more "tuned in" to a natural and free form of healing and health. And, the lives of everyday people can be enhanced.

If you desire to enhance your connection with source energy without a profession energy worker, begin practicing the following exercises.

1. Take time each day to sit in quiet without the disturbance of radio or television.
2. Focus your attention upon your breath as you quiet your mind.
3. Practice a relaxation technique where you relax each part of your body.
4. Attempt to maintain an erect posture while walking, standing or sitting.
5. Practice a positive form of thought; keep gratitude in your mind.
6. Attempt to listen to your physical body as it relates feelings to you.
7. Allow time for a minimum or six hours sleep each night.
8. Rest your physical body when it tells you it needs rest.
9. Move your physical body when it tells you it needs stimulation.
10. Trust your inner voice to express truth and wisdom.

For personalized energy-therapy or intuitive instruction contact sHEALy at the wise woman forum or order a gift certificate for her intuitive reading directly online at

Sherry Healy holds a BA in theology/philosophy. She is a well known intuitive, artist and author working from the town of Annapolis, Maryland. In addition, sHEALy works as resident artist with Head Start children and is trained and has worked with the public school system as a one-on-one reading instructor and resident artist. Much of her time is dedicated to using intuition as a means to spiritually heal others. She is the author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams, a book designed to help individuals create the life of their dreams through the use of intuition. In addition sHEALy is the author and illustrator of Confident Child, a children's book designed for young readers. Confident Child, a Tale and Affirmations is designed to help little ones learn to look within themselves for the answers to the tough questions of life.