Living In Wholeness

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A warm breeze blows across an open field. The tall blades of green grass and brightly colored wildflowers that fill this open space bow their heads gingerly, allowing the heated air to rush by. Then as if orchestrated, these precious gems one by one return to their original position, standing proudly, basking in the afternoon sun. They have returned to their center and are maintaining the delicate balance between their internal needs and the environment. They are living in their wholeness.

We as humans also must bend and flow to the demands placed upon us by our environment. On a physical level, this is referred to as homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined as the body's ability to maintain an inner balance in the face of changing conditions of our environment. This is a very important concept to understand if we are to understand the true nature of our being. We are constantly responding to external stimuli. The temperature of our bodies, for example, must be held within a narrow temperature band. If our environment is significantly heated, the body automatically responds, and we begin to perspire.

When we don't treat our bodies as we should, when we ignore its telltale signs of aches and pains, our body tries to compensate. Internally, we are like a teeter-totter, where the many systems of our bodies are players in a perpetual dance, moving t