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Self-Help Book Presents 15 Steps For Overcoming Tragedy

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How many times have you felt that your life, as you were living it, had come to an end? How many times have you found yourself in an inescapable morass? How many times have you felt that you are all alone in this big wide world and there is no one to help you?

Once adversity hits, it cannot be reversed. What can be done is to adopt a rugged, tough, no-nonsense approach and get on with life.

In his new book, "Life Is But A Merry Go-Round", Sam Walker presents practical advice based on real-life experiences, unlike typical self-help books on the market. What makes this book unique is that it explains how to overcome tragedy in 15 steps.

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"Life Is But A Merry Go-Round" is a template that can be picked up by anyone who has just experienced a major tragedy. By simply adopting the outlined steps, readers will learn how to deal with situations that appeared to be insurmountable on their way to embracing a new world.

"Nothing in life is insurmountable," Sam writes. "All you need to do is re-look at life, re-adjust your focus, gather your courage, harness your capabilities and you are ready to fly again."

The 15 steps evolved out of battles fought (and that continue to be fought) by many people who have contributed their stories to this book. The method is simple, but not easy. Respect yourself. Don't seek revenge. Whiners are losers. Become a better person. Don't pity yourself. Take a positive approach. Maintain good relationships with people. Understand your mistakes so as to not repeat them.

Ultimately, "Life Is But A Merry Go-Round" is a down-to-earth prescription for personal empowerment. "In the end, no one can help you beyond a point," Sam writes. "You have to help yourself. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either."

Sam Walker has been writing articles, short stories and reviews for various newspapers, magazines and websites for almost three decades. "Life Is But A Merry Go-Round" is based on his conversations with more than 100 people who have learned to cope with and overcome personal tragedies.