Nature's Gift of Body Energy

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God has created in all of us a very great power. It can be called innate energy. It is God-given, and it can be used positively or negatively. When I was studying acupuncture in China, I learned a little about this energy. When energy is disturbed, when the life streams of yin and yang are forcibly disturbed, we encounter a blockage in the energy stream that circles throughout our bodies. The left side of the body is negative, and the right side is positive. Important meridians run through both sides, and all have energy points which can be easily affected, either positively or negatively.

Energy Balance

The energy in man has to be in good balance throughout body, mind and soul. Because we have become so imbalanced today, we have introduced a lot of problems into our bodies. You may wonder how a vibration can affect the health to the point that we may even become crippled. As an example, I can tell you about a particular hill in Scotland called the 'electric brae' I have some patients from this area, and I consequently did some research into the occurrences there. On this hill, cars go up without using gas, the river flows upward, and balls roll up the hill instead of down. Very mysterious. The Scottish people believe there are some mystic powers in this hill. It was not an optical illusion as some people say. We asked a geologist to investigate the situation and he confirmed that there are some forces in conflict in this hill. There had been an earth tremor in the area around 1792, which had caused two very powerful minerals in that hill called germanium and magnetide to come into conflict since that time. This gave me a little more insight into the problems of patients who lived in that area, because their illnesses could possibly be due to that fault in the crust of the earth. Understand that I am talking about a very small vibration that can alter your health perhaps overnight.

One patient from this area was sitting, one day, playing his violin, and suddenly, one of his violin strings broke. Then, he suddenly lost all the power in his right arm. The neurologists who examined him did not know what was wrong, but eventually labelled him as a multiple sclerosis patient. He got worse and worse and eventually came to me. After a long search, we found that for four generations, people in this same house had had similar problems. A fault at the very place where he sat had adversely affected his energy.

In our clinic, we have an apparatus which is called Kirlian photography which can pick up patients' energy disturbances. You can actually tell if a person is precancerous or has bowel problems. The energy disturbances are picked up in black and white. You can even see the acupuncture points.

Energy Aura

What is the body? The body is one field of energy, and you can soon discover when that energy is disturbed. If you are getting too tired in the evening, there is something wrong. You should be alive, you should love life, and you should be energetic. If you are tired, if you are getting headaches, these are little indications something is wrong. You all have an energy aura, the innate energy of body, mind and soul, and it can be disturbed by little things we do, such as negative thinking. The Bible says, "As a man thinks, so shall he be". In order to overcome illness and disease, we need positive energy. We have to think with a positive mind.

Energy in Food

There is a tremendous amount of energy in food which can either balance or disturb this yin and yang energy, the positive and negative aspects of the energy field. Macrobiotics talks about a yin and yang diet and how to balance your diet through the proper combinations of yin and yang foods. Diet is still the first form of energy, but it can be used negatively. You can create problems like allergies and invite a lot of invaders like viruses if the energy field in your body is low. So, get positive energy from what you eat by eating whole balanced foods.

The Endocrine Glands and 20th Century Diseases

Another very big problem which disturbs the energy field is related to the endocrine glands. Whenever any system in our body is being attacked, we are protected by these seven small glands. We have just completed a study about post viral fatigue in which we found a disturbance in the hormonal secretions of a hormonal product called interluban. Interluban is so low in these patients that they have no energy left at all. This is caused by a disturbance in the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. What causes the disturbance to these seven endocrine glands?

Nothing is more susceptible than the pineal gland. In the east, they call it the third eye. I call it the arial of the body. It is very sensitive to atmospheric influences. Like the pituitary gland, it is responsible for growth, but it is also responsible for your positive thoughts and for your spiritual growth. For instance, what you do with your life, how much you pray and how much you meditate upon the right things of life. We know these glands are very much affected by the world that we live in today. There are thousands of people who have post viral fatigue. People have thyroid problems, pancreas problems and gastric problems. Diabetes is increasing.

These seven small glands look after our body's energy, but how do we look after them? Do we pay attention to their needs? No. We build more and more houses with fluorescent lighting. We sit more and more in front of the television screen or before the word processor and we affect these endocrine glands negatively. We should be going out into the fresh air and sunshine to help these glands. We can influence these glands positively and bring a balance back into our systems. In most of the twentieth century diseases, the endocrine system is involved somewhere.

Energy in Bones and Muscles


I supervise five clinics now, and I see many people who have an imbalance or an energy shortage in their bones or muscles. Many have tennis elbows, bad knees, slipped disks or sciatica. Can we balance that ourselves? Yes we can. I have told many people how to treat their own sciatica. They can often bring the energy back into balance with their own hands and with their own breathing. This balances yin and yang and naturally releases energy where there might be an energy blockage. It's a wonderful thing, that when a patient is treated, that this innate energy, the energy flow and the energy balancing will affect the whole treatment.


Usually when I speak to graduates, before they get their diplomas, I tell them the story about China. When you go to the big square in Peking, you find three temples there. The first one is the temple of supremacy, the second one is the temple of perfection, and there is nothing better in the world than perfection. But for the Chinese there is, and that's the whole secret to acupuncture and energy balancing. The third temple is the temple of harmony, which means balanced energy.

What's illness? Basically, illness is disharmony. And we can even disharmonize the body further if we try to treat the symptom of the disease. Instead, we should use the old homeopathic principle. We should restore the life force in order to restore what has gone out of harmony, and there are many ways that we can do this.

There is a wonderful energy which we will find in the feet. This is known in the old Egyptian and old Indian writings. Acupuncture is also an ancient science, 7,000 years old, and it is based on energy balancing. Reflexology is maybe even older than that. Other methods such as Touch for Health and muscle techniques can be used also to alter energy in the body. You touch a certain point, and you increase energy, or, if you do it wrong, you decrease energy. The whole purpose is to harmonize one's energy.

Energy is sound. I have treated many people for problems which have resulted from loud music. It is unbelievable that people can immerse themselves in loud music for a whole evening and disturb their harmony. Very small vibrations can disturb harmony, the wonderful body energy, this wonderful harmony between body, mind and soul. It can also be very disturbing to the harmony when people work in a factory under constant noise.

I was with some people not very long ago, and these people had very little. Some people in the area were perhaps dying of hunger. Yet, when I talked to them, I found that there was a harmony between them and God and nature. And despite the terrible circumstances they lived in, they were able to make it, because they used the old principle of harmony. Some of the people I have known in the east have used sound to heal themselves. When you use sound, you touch vibrations of energy. You can either bring it out of harmony, or into harmony. Energy is something that conveys a tremendous hope for the future. But we have to handle it very carefully and very wisely.

In my book, "Do Miracles Exist?" I have explained several methods of using your hands and of using your fingers, different ways to harmonize your energy so that you can heal yourself and positively affect your health to the extent that you will sometimes be surprised.


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