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Depression Symptoms Treatment

Experimental Drug Pristiq Approval As Depression Treatment Not To Be Delayed

FDA's request for more data on Wyeth's experimental drug Pristiq as a nonhormonal treatment for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms should not delay its approval as a depression treatment, company officials said Tuesday, the AP/Business Week reports (Johnson, AP/Business Week, 7/31).

Girls complaining about their problems at greater risk of developing anxiety, depression

When girls co-ruminate, they are spending such a high percentage of their time dwelling on problems and concerns that it probably makes them feel sad and more hopeless about the problems because those problems are in the forefront of their minds. Those are symptoms of depression.

Older Patients With Major Depression Live Longer With Appropriate Treatment

Older patients with major depression whose primary care physicians team with depression care managers are 45% less likely to die within a 5-year time period than older adults with major depression who receive their care in primary care practices where there are no depression care managers.

Depression Group Claims New Black Box Warning May Jeopardize Use Of Life-Saving Medications By Young Adults

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance said the risk of suicide for people within that age group may increase, responding to the Food and Drug Administration's plan to extend a black box warning on the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in youth between the ages of 18-24.