Energy Healing for Depression

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This is my simplified definition of depression: a state of feeling "bad" most or all of the time. It is the experience of being in a vibration of very low, uncomfortable energy that offers little or no relief.

At the finest levels of our being-our quantum self-we are all energy. Subtle energies that are unseen to the eye (by most people) vibrate within us and around us constantly. Depression is a very uncomfortable energy state to exist in. It is so uncomfortable because it contradicts the truth of who we are and who God created us to be. God created us to be in a state of joy. We are literally hard-wired for joy.

The good news about depression is that it is not who you really are. Your depression is not your identity: it is your experience. It is an energy experience that has taken hold of your life. Since it is not your identity, you can change it. However, it may require doing some energy work and clearing of limiting beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, to allow you to feel better.

The subconscious limiting beliefs held within your being feed the negative energy you are experiencing. Your conscious negative thoughts continue to feed this negative energy. Most people suffering from depression have a tendency towards negative thinking. They assume that if they feel bad, they must be bad.

You are always free to choose whatever thoughts you want. Even if you are processing some uncomfortable negative energy, you are always free to think a positive thought. It is appropriate when a lot of emotion is coming up to say to yourself "I am clearing this negative energy. It is no longer serving me to experience this in my life."

Thoughts create; therefore, whatever you believe in, you will experience. Since energy follows thought, create thoughts of wellness and you will create an energy of wellness that will be fed to your being.

I have worked with numerous clients who have a hidden motivation or need for their depression. We need our illness when we believe it is keeping us safe from something we fear. Depression becomes a good friend that is always there when you need it. It sticks by us and keeps us safe from the unpredictable risks in the world.

If you have been depressed for a long time, your body is now convinced that feeling depressed is what being alive feels like. Without the depression, your body may think it is going to die. With the use of your mind and your faith, you can retrain your body to operate at a higher frequency of energy so it can once again know itself in light and truth.

Consider the possibility that the origin of much of your depression is connected to your birth. If your mother was anxious, depressed, worried, or troubled during your gestation, you took on all that energy in the earliest formation of yourself. Most people are walking around still carrying and trying to process out their birth energy. If you had a complicated gestation or delivery, you were hit from the very beginning with some big negatives that were imprinted in your psyche.

From personal experience, and from working with hundreds of clients, I have come to the conclusion that there is a generational pattern of depression for most people. You can trace depression back in my family line for several generations. I believe most people who are dealing with painful life experiences are playing a role in healing their generation and breaking family patterns. If your great-grandma never addressed her negative emotions and they never were cleared, that energy and information has been passed on to you in the genetics of your family. You can clear what your body holds at a cellular level so you can heal yourself and clear the pattern of depression from your family.


A process to clear your generational depression:

Imagine yourself standing in the light with a higher power (Jesus Christ, angels, God, or Spirit). Ask your generations that have lived before you to come into the light. Imagine all these people in the light with you. Ask your higher self of all the depression you have experienced, how much of it is generational and how much is your own. You will get two numbers that equal 100 percent. For most people the generational percent is more than 50 percent and their part is less than 50 percent. It is usually 70-30 or 80-20. Tell your ancestors you are choosing to clear this pattern from the family.

Draw a picture of a garbage can on a sketchpad. Place the pattern of depression-with all the negative beliefs and emotions that you have experienced with it-into the garbage can. When this is all in the garbage can, enlarge the picture of the garbage can as big as you can imagine it. Look at it as an observer and say, "It's just energy. I am not in the picture. I am the one looking at the picture."

Now create a blowtorch in your mind, set your picture on fire, and watch it burn into ashes. Take the ashes and spread them on the ground. Watch beautiful flowers grow up through the ashes returning life-giving energy to you and your ancestors. Imagine every cell in your body being filled with life-giving energy. How does that feel? Imagine your ancestors cheering for you and congratulating you on your choosing to clear this pattern.

You can heal. I believe that whatever we are challenged by in our lives, God gave us the mechanism within us to heal it. There is literally a blueprint for healing held in your DNA that has all the information your mind and body needs to heal. I believe that we created illness to teach us the capacity we have to exist in difficult states and to turn us to a higher power to seek help.

Calling upon Christ's energy or the energy of the heavens activates the healing powers that lie dormant within us. As you put your attention on light and truth, light and truth awakens within you. Don't wait until you feel better to think well. Your mind is a higher power than your emotions and your mind can raise the vibration of your emotional state as you clear away the lies and illusions you carry and call forth the truth of the person God created you to be. You can create whatever you want with your life.

The god I believe in did not cast us down here to live in a state of despair or to die in that state. I believe he guaranteed our ability to succeed by endowing us with all that we need to create success. For most people being depressed is familiar. Feeling good is not. Often we choose what is familiar over what feels good because we know how to exist there and it feels safe.

We live at a time on this planet when it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay depressed. It will require more work to stay in depression than to heal it. The real challenge for us as humans is no longer "How much can we suffer?" It is "How much joy can we hold and how long can we hold it?" Consider the possibility that you chose and created your experience of depression just to see yourself overcome it. As big as you have known depression is as big as you can now know joy. Choose to become one of God's miracles and clear and heal what is no longer serving you. God bless you, I know you can do it.


Copyright 2002, Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle , author of Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century, is a gifted energy health practitioner. She is board-certified as a master level rapid-eye therapist, a form of energy psychology. She has assisted hundreds of clients restore their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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