Depression in Moms with Breast Cancer May Exacerbate Related Anxieties in Their Children

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A woman's breast cancer diagnosis can wreak as much havoc on her emotions as it does on her physical health.


Mothers who experience bouts of depression during their battles with breast cancer may find that the effects reach beyond their own psyches to those of their children. According to data analyzed by University of Pittsburgh researchers and reported this weekend at the American Psychosocial Oncology Society's Fourth Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, children of depressed breast cancer patients were more likely to be concerned or anxious about their mother's cancer and its implication for their families.

While children's emotional responses to their own illnesses are well-documented, this study, "The Effect of Depressed Mood in Mothers with Breast Cancer on Their Children's Illness-Related Concerns," is the first to examine the relationship between children

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