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Depression Symptoms Treatment

7 recipes that will help you treat depression naturally

May 9 2017 - 10:20pm
7 recipes that will help you treat depression naturally

Depression is an endemic neurological condition affecting roughly 15 million people worldwide, according to the Depression and Bipolar support Alliance. While there are environmental and physical reasons for the onset of depression, there is not a consensus on what exactly triggers a depressive mind state. Thankfully, scientific research has been able to pinpoint that, in some cases, diet is able to improve depressive symptoms. So, what are the foods that will help you treat depression naturally?

The foods that will help you treat depression naturally need to be rich in vitamins and minerals that have the ability to regulate hormones related to mood, such as: serotonin and dopamine, which i

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Study reveals that laughter improves cognition, insomnia and depression

May 8 2017 - 10:30pm
laughter improves cognition, insomnia and depression

We have all heard that laughing is good for our health. But now there are studies proving that laughter improves cognition, insomnia and depression. So, here is what researchers found when they put 48 elderly through laughter therapy.

In this study, researchers wanted to investigate the effects of laughter therapy on depression, cognitive function, quality o

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Yoga and Deep Breathing Complement Treatment for Depression

Mar 6 2017 - 4:12pm

Those diagnosed with major depressive disorder should consider a twice-weekly yoga class as a complement to treatment.

Major depressive disorder is a common, but serious, condition. Current research suggests that it is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors.

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Depression and suicidal thoughts are caused by Noradrenergic Dysfunction – But how to tackle it through diet?

Mar 1 2017 - 8:37pm
 Noradrenergic Dysfunction is the cause for depression and suicidal thoughts.

Noradrenergic dysfunction is caused by an irregularity on the Noradrenergic neuronic system, which is responsible for the mechanisms that regulate the release and synthesis of the neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, also know as norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine participates in the modulation of numerous behaviors such as: stress response, attention, memory, the sleeping –awakened cycle, decision - making, and regulation of sympathetic state

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1 thing to do today lifts depression and calms anxiety

Feb 26 2017 - 8:55am
Bird watching lifts depression, study finds

Watching birds is an easy way to give mental health a boost and it may be the one easiest thing you can do today. New research suggest bird watching is something we all might consider doing on a regular basis to lift depression and calm anxiety.

The study that was carried out by Exeter University shows just living near birds can lift depression and relieve stress, whether it's in the city or the suburbs.

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St John’s Wort is a safe and efficient treatment for depression and anxiety

Feb 24 2017 - 2:50am
St John's Wort for Depression and anxiety treatment

A meta –analysis of 27 studies, involving 3,126 subjects diagnosed with depression, has revealed that St. John’s Wort extract is equally effective to antidepressants, and have superior safety for treating depression.

Patients taking the extract had the same clinical response if compared to patients medicated with anti- depressants/anxiety pills, they also had lower rate of adverse events and had fewer withdraws

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Acupuncture Treatment Can Alternatively Help Standard Therapy for Depression

Feb 16 2017 - 3:46pm
Depression and acupuncture treatment

Antidepressants are a key component in the treatment of depression. But for some people, medication is not enough.

According to a 2005 study, major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in any given year.

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Depression is More Than a Chemical Imbalance

Feb 13 2017 - 5:16pm
Depression Treatment

The onset of depression is far more complex than a chemical imbalance. If depression could be cured by improving an imbalance, there would be a much higher success rate for the current antidepressant medications on the market today. Antidepressant medications are ineffective for about 50% of patients.

Research suggests that mood only improves when there is new nerve cell growth and formation of new connections and pathways - a process that takes weeks.

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Tender loving care may help treat depression

Feb 10 2017 - 9:10am
An affectionate couple

If you want to help your partner cope with depression you might want to consider some tenderness and love.

Depression is a horrible state of mind which nobody wants to live with. The psychiatric approach to treating depression with drugs far too often causes far more harm than good.

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What women need to know about how antidepressants could harm unborn babies

Jan 22 2017 - 12:02pm
Antidepressant risk during pregnancy

Antidepressant use can be risky to unborn babies. New research from Canada highlights the dangers of antidepressants taken during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

A Université de Montréal study in the British Medical Journal shows birth defects are associated with taking antidepressants during pregnancy.

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Depression hard on the heart study finds: 5 ways to lower your risk

Jan 14 2017 - 5:15pm
depression and heart health

It isn’t just obesity and high cholesterol that ups heart risks, finds a new study. Depression can also affect heart health, especially for men.

Researchers from the Helmholtz Zentrum München, together with colleagues from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the German Center for Cardiovascular Disease (DZHK) report depression is j

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Music Therapy Benefits Children with Depression

Nov 4 2016 - 12:11pm
Music Therapy and child depression

Music therapy has many benefits including stress management and pain relief. Researchers also find it beneficial for children and adolescents suffering from depression.

It is estimated that as many as 2 to 3% of children ages 6 to 12 have serious depression and an estimated 2.8 million teens aged 12 to 17 have suffered at least one major depressive episode in the

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Curcumin Tackles Depression

Oct 13 2016 - 11:32am
curcumin tackles depression

You may be familiar with curcumin as an effective natural remedy for digestive problems and inflammation, but there’s growing evidence that this active ingredient in the spice turmeric (Curcuma longa) can do much more. Several recent studies, including one appearing in the Journal of Affective Disorders, report that curcumin tackles depression.

Depression affects approximately 350 million people of all ages around the world. It’s the leading cause of disability and a major factor in the overall burden of disease.

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Botox For Depression, A Welcome Wrinkle?

May 22 2015 - 10:03am
Botox for depression

Botulinum toxin A, also known as Botox, could be a welcome wrinkle in the treatment of depression. A new report presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association noted that the drug beat placebo in managing this all-too-common condition.

Botox, which is probably best known for its ability to temporarily erase wrinkles from the forehead, seems an unlikely treatment choice for depression.

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It's time to relegate prescription medications for anxiety and depression to last resort treatment

Apr 28 2015 - 8:10pm
Depression and anxiety

I recently wrote a book on treating anxiety disorders, Anxiety Protocol, and asked a psychiatrist colleague to review the book. He stated he liked the book very much, and was in full agreement with the recommendation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as first-line treatment for anxiety disorders. However, he disagreed initially with my recommendation that prescription medication for anxiety disorder should be last resort treatment, and only then should be prescribed for severe cases or for psychotherapy-resistant cases. My colleague went on to opine that in moderate to severe cases, he saw the use of prescription medication “in association” with CBT, or as an adjunct to CBT, not as a “last resort.” Otherwise, he found contents of the book very useful.

I thanked my colleague for the comment on prescription medication as a last resort treatment. When I wrote the book, it was intended for end-users to help and educate themselves about anxiety.

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Mindfulness therapy compared to drugs for depression treatment

Apr 24 2015 - 5:57am
Mindfulness therapy could replace drugs for depression treatment

In a first study published in the journal Lancet researchers have found mindfulness therapy, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy to be as effective as antidepressant medications that can often have side effects that are intolerable.

The study is the first of a kind comparing drug therapy with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) as an option for people who don't want to take antidepressants long-term.

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Diabetes and depression increase dementia risk

Apr 15 2015 - 9:59pm
Combination of depression and diabetes increase dementia risk

Depression and diabetes on their own can affect the brain, but together they can significantly increase the risk of dementia, a new study found.

Dementia is an umbrella term for a decline in mental ability that is severe enough interfere with daily life.

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Heavy Facebook use linked to depression

Apr 8 2015 - 11:14pm
Facebook use linked to depression

Although Facebook has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family, spending too much time on the social network has been linked to depressive symptoms.

Researchers from the University of Houston carried out two studies to determine how social comparison by Facebook users affected their psychological health.

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Roseroot herb a potential alternative treatment for depression

Mar 28 2015 - 4:32pm
Roseroot possible alternative treatment for depression

Roseroot, an herb that has been used in traditional folk medicine, could have potential as an alternative treatment for depression, according to a new study.

The study was the first ever randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled comparison trial of roseroot extract and consisted of 57 adults who exhibited two or more major depressive episodes, depres

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Treating Severe Depression Could Be a Laughing Matter

Dec 15 2014 - 8:57am
severe depression could be laughing matter

It’s still too early to tell, but treating severe depression could be a matter of giving a dose of laughing gas. No joke. Results of a proof-of-concept clinical trial suggest that nitrous oxide could be a quick and temporary treatment for depression that has not responded to other therapy.

Although the use of laughing gas for treating depression may sound like an unusual idea, it’s not farfetc

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How Your Daily Run Protects Against Stress-Induced Depression

Sep 29 2014 - 9:17pm

Getting more physical activity is often a suggestion for relieving some of the symptoms of depression. It is also a good stress-reliever. But how?

Getting more physical activity is often a suggestion for relieving some of the symptoms of depression. It is also a good stress-reliever. But how?

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Managing Cognitive Disturbances in Major Depression: An Unmet Need

Sep 25 2014 - 10:36am
Major depression

Major depression is characterized by mood symptoms, disturbances in sleep, appetite, energy, psychomotor function and suicidality. Cognitive disturbances like problems with learning and episodic memory while an integral part of major depression have been relatively neglected until recently primarily because the available treatments have shown little efficacy in improving these symptoms. Only 35% of patients with MDD achieved remission on monotherapy with citalopram in the STAR-D trial and even after four levels of treatment almost 40% of patients had not achieved remission. Moreover the rates of relapse and recurrence were extremely high over a one year follow up period even in those who achieved remission.

Clinicians need to be educated about an adequate trial of antidepressants before seeing response and remission and deciding about switching or augmenting antidepressants.

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Depression linked to celiac disease

Aug 31 2014 - 4:29pm
depression and Celiac Disease

Several studies have found a connection between depression and celiac disease, but a clear cause and effect relationship has not been established. Some people who have this disorder also experience the symptoms of depression, and research indicates it is worse in untreated celiac cases. However, a wide range of experiences have been recorded that indicate treating celiac disease does not automatically eliminate depression.

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The Controversy Surrounding New Treatments for Depression: 2 Trends

Jul 21 2014 - 10:10am
Mental Depression Can Be Treated

Depression is a highly treatable disease, affecting millions of Americans today. Every so often, you'll hear about a new treatment method promising to cure this disorder. That can be exciting news to a person suffering from depression. This story discusses two of the latest trends in treating depression.

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Breakthrough leads to powerful new 'natural' treatments for depression

Apr 24 2014 - 12:30pm
potent new class of antidepressants

Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center say they have made an important breakthrough in the treatment of depression by discovering how a natural compound works to regulate mood, a finding that could lead to powerful new treatments for depression.

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Lifestyle interventions can prevent major depression

Mar 26 2014 - 10:41pm
Suffering from depression

It is possible to prevent depression with lifestyle interventions. Depression can cause catastrophic problems in a person's life due to adverse effects which it can have on your ability to work well and to socialize. Serious depressions can even lead to suicide. Drug therapy to treat depression has come under attack in recent years due to the serious side effects which are often associated with psychiatric drugs. Therefore natural interventions to prevent depression are important.

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New method discovered for detecting depression in teenagers

Feb 18 2014 - 7:14pm
Saliva test to detect cortisol levels can determine which teen boys are more likely to develop clinical depression.

A National Institute of Mental Health survey reports that some 11.2 percent of American teenagers ages 13 to 18 have been severely depressed. For teenage boys, however, researchers have discovered the first biomarker for predicting their chances of developing clinical depression.

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New treatments for depression offer hope

Feb 4 2014 - 2:34pm
New treatments for depression show promise

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you know how debilitating it can be, but you’re not alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 7 percent of adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with depression, costing employers anywhere between $17 billion to $44 billion as a result.

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There's a link between sleep disorders and depression

Feb 3 2014 - 7:37am
A kid getitng some sleep

It is vitally important for your kids to sleep well at night to maintain good mental health. Although good nutrition is often highlighted as being the most significant factor for good mental health in a growing child, the vital importance of good sleep should not be forgotten. Recent research points to a genetic link between sleep disorders in kids and depression.

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