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Limited-Service Clinics Provide Promising New Model Of Health Care

"Limited-service clinics" in Massachusetts can "help meet an important need: Expanding the capacity for delivering quality, affordable and accessible care for acute, common family ailments," Michael Howe, CEO of MinuteClinic, writes in a Boston Globe opinion piece. State public health officials are developing "a regulatory context" for such clinics, "at which nurse practitioners treat common ailments seven days a week, at a much lower cost and shorter waiting times than emergency rooms," according to Howe.

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Psychiatrists Are The Least Religious Of All Physicians

A nationwide survey of the religious beliefs and practices of American physicians has found that the least religious of all medical specialties is psychiatry. Among psychiatrists who have a religion, more than twice as many are Jewish and far fewer are Protestant or Catholic, the two most common religions among physicians overall.

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Lead Blood Testing Results Showing Few Elevated Levels

Marion County Health Department Public Health Laboratory has completed testing 1,782-blood lead samples taken since the first of several national recall of toys was announced August 2. The various toys were determined to pose a potential lead risk to children.

Of the samples completed to date, less than two percent of those tested had an elevated blood level. The health department will contact these individuals for a second, follow-up blood draw and screening.

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Bill Would Require Drug, Medical Device Makers To Publicly Report Payments To Physicians

A bill introduced in the Senate on Thursday would require drug and medical device manufacturers to publicly report payments and gifts to physicians, the New York Times reports. Under the bill, companies with at least $100 million in annual revenue would be required each quarter to disclose gifts or payments exceeding $25 in value, and the information would then be posted on a Web site.

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