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Efforts To Increase Health Care Access To Immigrants

The San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday examined the Community Ambassadors Program for Seniors, a program offered in Fremont, Calif., that trains volunteers to "go into their own ethnic- or faith-based communities to teach elders to access transportation, social activities and health care" services. CAPS began in March as an offshoot of the Pathways to Positive Aging project, which is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and "designed to help seniors find 'culturally enriching and affordable services and opportunities,'" according to the Chronicle.

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Utah Summit Addresses Health Issues Facing American Indians

Representatives from various American Indian tribes in Utah met for a two-day Native American Indian Summit last week to discuss disparities in health care, education and economic development, the Deseret Morning News reports. The summit was initiated by Gov. Jon Huntsman (R).

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International Public Health Is A Joint Responsibility

Scientist and health professionals are being warned of the growing threats to global public health. At the annual Health Protection Agency (HPA) conference in Warwick today, delegates will be told that global cooperation and investment are necessary. Health experts are calling for immediate action if they are to ensure a safer, healthier future for the world's population.

There is an increasing awareness that global health and health protection is everyone's responsibility and countries will need to work together to identify risks and act quickly to contain and control them.

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Half Of Massachusetts Hospitals Waive Fees For 'Never Events'

Thirty-three of 61 hospitals in Massachusetts have voluntarily adopted policies that waive fees for 28 "never events," such as wrong-site surgery and harmful medication errors, and other hospitals said they intend to do so in the future, according to a recent survey by The Leapfrog Group, the Boston Globe reports. According to the Globe, the fee waivers come "amid growing resistance from government and health insurers to paying for poor outcomes."

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New Technology And Radio Waves - How Much Is Too Much?

Our desire for new technology grows every year but new innovations can also lead to concerns about possible health effects. In the 1970s microwave ovens were linked to health concerns, in the 1980s the debate turned to VDUs, then in the 1990s concern was voiced about mobile phones and their base stations. The debate is currently focused on concerns about exposure to radio signals from wireless computer networking (WiFi).

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How Can Playing Games Help Control Hospital Infections?

Games based learning may provide an innovative approach to the control of health care associated infections in hospitals. Learning consultants at VEGA, are working with two NHS Trusts, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, and North West Ambulance Service Trust, using video games, also known as game-based learning, to encourage improved infection control awareness and adherence to procedures.

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Summa Health Addresses Health Communication Among Minorities, Physicians

Summa Health System's Diversity Advisory Council over the last year has conducted focus groups of health care staff to determine how the health care system addresses the cultural, language and spiritual needs of its diverse patient population, the Akron Beacon Journal reports. According to the Beacon Journal, more than 90% of doctors and nurses contend that they have the necessary skills and training to effectively communicate with patients from different cultures and those unfamiliar with medical information. However, patients say they want doctors who can communicate clearly.

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Senate Passes American Indian Health Care Improvement Act Reauthorization Bill

The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday by voice vote approved a bill (S 1200) that would revise and reauthorize the Indian Health Care Improvement Act through 2017 at a cost of $16 billion over five years and $35 billion over 10 years, CQ Today reports.

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Comparing Health Care Access Among Adults In Communities With High, Low Proportions Of Uninsured Adults

Economists compared differences in health care access, use and quality among 9,552 insured adults in 10 communities with the highest and 10 with the lowest proportions of uninsured adults.

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