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FDA Grants Clearance To Langford IC Systems

Langford IC Systems introduced The Manzi Mach 1 Cleaner-Processor, the only Parametric Release liquid chemical instrument processor. The Manzi is a fully integrated cleaning, sterilizing and rinsing system that cleans and reprocesses instruments at the point of use. This system is designed for use by hospitals, medical clinics, and in any medical setting conducting procedures involving medical instruments, including but not limited to lumen devices.

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Turn Competitive Intelligence Into A Competitive Edge

Managing competitive intelligence is about understanding competition. It is about gathering information, using industry information as a source at the right time and turning the gathered information into winning strategy to reach business- specific goals. Strategy developed based on Competitive Intelligence gives a company its Competitive Edge.

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Folic Acid Lowers Blood Arsenic Levels In Bangladesh

A new study conducted in Bangladesh finds that folic acid supplements can dramatically lower blood arsenic levels in individuals chronically exposed to arsenic-contaminated drinking water. Arsenic is a toxic element that is naturally present in some soils and water. Arsenic-contaminated drinking water is currently a significant public health problem in at least 70 countries, including several developing countries and also parts of the United States.

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Hill-Rom Introduces New Wound Therapy Surface With Innovative Safety, Treatment Features

Hillenbrand Industries's Hill-Rom subsidiary has introduced a revolutionary new hospital bed surface that can enhance care for patients with pressure ulcers. The Hill-Rom E700 Wound Surface (a low air loss therapy surface) also offers new levels of flexibility for use within health care facilities. Unlike traditional mattress replacement systems, this surface easily converts to fit multiple bed frames, including Hill-Rom frames and a variety of other frames.

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