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House Panel Bill Will Develop Health IT Standards

The House Science and Technology Committee on Wednesday by voice vote approved a bill (HR 2406) that would require the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop or adopt standards for health care information technology for federal agencies within one year, CQ Today reports.

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Concuity ClearContracts, EOB Pro Healthcare Solutions Available For Financial Institutions

Trintech Group Plc announced the availability of Concuity Healthcare Solution Suite for financial institutions. ClearContracts for hospitals and ClearContracts Pro (for Professional Groups) are web-based applications designed to fit into a healthcare organization's revenue cycle management plan.

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Immune Defect Makes Gut Bacteria Turn Bad

The findings emphasize the importance of the interplay among the gut, its microbes, and its immune squad. The model opens new avenues to study inflammatory bowel disease and to test potential new therapies for people, said senior author Laurie Glimcher, the Irene Heinz Given professor of immunology at HSPH, and her colleagues. The study appears in the Oct. 5 Cell.

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